Careers at Timms Real Estate

 At Timms Real Estate, opportunities abound.

We are a growing team comprised of both experienced people whom we have successfully recruited, along with new talent in which we have placed our belief. We believe that whether you are new to real estate or currently fulfilling a role in real estate - be it in sales, administration, personal assistance, or property management - we have something to offer you. 

Our training is second to none and we have a reputation for success. Our belief is that the team makes the office! Each member of our team is invaluable. 

If you would like to talk with us about your preferred career in real estate we would love to talk to you. Just have a read of some testimonials from our staff to begin to experience the difference. 

Feel free to phone Adam & Valerie Timms anytime for a confidential chat.

Adam Timms 0412 217 479 & Valerie Timms 0409 353 997 

Timms Half Awards 

Team Timms recently celebrated their first Half Awards. It was an amazing day shared with laughter and special stories, followed by the sales team being presented with their monthly top sales, top settlements and top lister certificates of achievements. Valerie and Adam Timms presented each team member with specially selected and personalised trophy’s showing their appreciation for their efforts during the last 8 months.

Now as time has moved on, the Timms Half awards have become a yearly event filled with inspiration, food and fun!

We are very happy to share our day with you, please click below to view our video:

We hope you enjoy it - Team Timms

Testimonial - Ainsley Cahoon (Property Marketing Specialist)

I started working for Adam and Val back in January 2007. I had only been in real estate since the previous April. They took me under their wing and started providing me with regular training and guidance, helping me to become a successful agent during a time when most other new recruits to the industry left with their tails between their legs.

In 2011 Val and Adam had decided it was time to break from the restrictive chains of a large franchise and start a South Australian, family run business. Their vision was to provide a second to none service to owners and purchasers, utilizing fantastic new marketing which guaranteed to stand out from the crowd. More importantly they wanted to help our buyers and sellers move on with their dreams. I was approached with their vision and was asked if I would like to be part of it. After being part of their team for the previous 4 years I jumped at the chance. Although the risk was always going to be high setting up a new business I knew that their skills and enthusiasm was sure to make it a success.

The move has made our whole business become closer, stronger and I now no longer see myself as just part of a successful team but have gained an extended family. Val and Adam have now let me help in training our new recruits which is something I have great pleasure in. They also have big plans for introducing lots of exciting new areas into our business. I am happy to have been part of the founding team and look forward to watching the family grow over time and know that there will be plenty of opportunities for me to advance my own career over the years to come.

Testimonial - Jason Mills (Property Marketing Specialist)

I have been in the real estate industry for eight years now. I first joined a large brand at the Aberfoyle Park office but was quickly welcomed aboard by Adam & Valerie Timms at the Christies Beach office. My thoughts were all real estate offices were the same. I was wrong. I found the experience, leadership, mentoring and passion with Adam and Valerie incredibly inspiring. Over the years under their faithful guidance, I have significantly advanced my career. I am fortunate enough to say that I would never look back and am so grateful for all the opportunity that has been given to me. Thank you Adam and Valerie.

 Adam and Valerie have been instrumental to me employing my first personal assistant Tia Willett. Adam & Valerie helped with the recruitment and training of Tia. Tia is an amazing asset to my business and the Timms brand. You will not find a more dedicated, hard working, loyal and compassionate person. Countless times I can recall events of Tia going beyond the call of duty. I believe Tia and I share these core values and that has formed us into a dynamic real estate duo. We have since served our customers together over the last seven years, as my business has grown, so has Tia’s roles. Now, Tia is much more than a personal assistant…Tia is a brand ambassador, a trusted advisor (to me and others in our team), a marketing guru, a database wiz and a master of public relations. 

 Through Adam and Valerie’s leadership, Tia and I have developed a strong business model that is hard working, respectful, kind and committed to getting the job done. "Our customer is at the heart of everything we do." We are here to serve and give them the best real estate experience possible. Being in an environment that embraces these values is incredible important, as you will build a client base of customers for life.

 Being in a culture that encourages self-development and training, I feel has excelled my career. I have a mindset that is unlimited and constantly encouraged. I truly don’t look at my job as work, it’s a constantly developing career. A career I feel privileged to have shared with the talented professional people around me at Timms Real Estate.

Jason Mills  - 0431 809 306

Testimonial - Tia Willett (PA to Jason Mills) and Savingrace Home Style Consultant

Timms Real Estate is more than an institution to sell, buy and rent through, it is a local SA business that thrives on the successes of its outcomes. “Our customer is at the heart of everything we do." and I am so very proud to be a part of that.

 I have been with Adam and Valerie Timms for seven years, I came to their business with passion and administration skills, but no real estate experience.  The growth I have experienced under their guidance and training opportunities is remarkable. As a result I am now an integral part of Jason Mills’ team, one of the most dynamic and successful sales teams within their business. When Adam and Valerie decided to create Timms Real Estate and move away from the restrictions of a national franchise group, it was a no brainer to go with them. “It’s not the Brand that makes you successful it’s the people behind the Brand” They knew they could do it better, offer something to the market place that was different, local and not just sales boards in dirt.

 But it doesn’t stop there, there is no ‘i’ in team here at Timms. Under the unique partnership of Adam and Valerie, the brand of Timms Real Estate has become a strong innovative competitor, in a ruthless industry. No wonder with the focus and planning on training, cutting edge technology, mentoring and strong leadership.

 The Timms culture encourages you to be yourself, work to your strengths and know there will be a loyal colleague who will support you develop your weaknesses. This culture comes from the very top, Valerie and Adam. I am proud to be a member of this Team and to be a team member that helped Timms Real Estate grow into the powerhouse it is destined to be.

Testimonial - Madeleine Elkin (Systems Administration)

I commenced with Timms Real Estate after coming from another real estate office. I had approached Valerie Timms, the principal of the branch, seeking employment with her as I felt I was currently in a job with no prospects, and having had dealings with Valerie through the real estate industry, I believed Valerie ran a much more professional business. I didn’t bother to approach any other real estate offices as it was with Valerie and her team that I wanted to work with, so I literally waited until she had a vacancy to offer me. 

This has proved to be one of my smartest decisions. Valerie has continued to prove to be an innovative, inspiring and dynamic leader who runs her business in a very professional and corporate manner. She keeps up to date with technology and trends and implements these into the business to benefit all. 

The entire team at Timms Real Estate have proved to be extremely professional, enthusiastic and very team orientated. They all work together hand in hand and many great social events take place and are enjoyed by all. Everyone is like a big happy family and I have never regretted my decision to come and join this fantastic team. 

I plan to be here until "retirement"! 

Madeleine Elkin - 0401 839 592

Testimonial - Judy Weckert (Business Development Officer)

I joined Timms Real Estate over 2 ½ years ago and have never looked back.  Valerie and Adam asked me to join the team during the very early stages of creating a new brand.  I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of such a great team and an independent SA brand.

The team environment is amazing, having the same values, beliefs and the team is not afraid of a challenge.  It is very exciting to watch and be a part of the growth of a brand.  Working together and sharing our experiences while ultimately striving for excellence and common goals.  I feel very blessed to work with Team Timms, each day is a joy to be part of the team environment and assisting our clients with their dreams of owning a home. 

Valerie and Adams vision for the company is second to none and they provide the team with strength, support and pass on their knowledge and skills to each and every one of us.  They provide opportunities for both professional growth and personal enrichment, ensuring our goals are met on all levels and a great sense of belonging.

The Timms brand is outstanding and I believe this has grown from its inception.  It is bright, playful and creative and stands out in the market place.  Valerie and Adam think outside the square when it comes to marketing Timms, keeping it fresh and fun.

The future for Timms Real Estate and myself is very exciting one as I continue to be a valuable employee supporting Valerie and Adam in their vision for growth and advancement of the company, soaring to new heights.  They have provided me with a positive environment to work in a daily basis, support both professionally and personally, work – life balance for my family, coaching and mentoring and are willing to invest in my future.  Valerie and Adam create clients for life, I will be an employee for life.

Judy Weckert - 0433 140 207

Testimonial - Sarah Davey (Personal Assistant)

I have been with Timms Real Estate since the very beginning. Having worked with Adam and Valerie as part of their team at Ray White prior to going independent, I knew how they worked with, supported and encouraged their team to ensure the very best for each and every client as well as employees.  So, when the opportunity came to join their new Timms Team I had no hesitation in doing so.

I value their support and opinions both in office and out. We are friends and the bond between most of us is pretty strong. There is no issue in jumping in and helping out another department or office when needed.

Support is given by Adam and Val in many ways.  The team is encouraged to try new things, take courses etc and grow our abilities and responsibilities within the team. They provide constant training and often bring in outside professionals to work with the team.

 Since being with Timms,  I have been able to complete my diploma in Business and am looking into further study. My role has changed and grown from general assistant duties to working with new staff members inducting and training.

 The environment is great to work in. Everyone enjoys a laugh and supports each other when needed. For myself I enjoy my role and what I do.

 I love the Timms branding and marketing.   I love that we stand out and am proud to wear the lime green!

 I am looking forward to growing my skills within the team.  I am also looking forward to the growth in the company and can’t wait to see new offices opening.  Our fleet of green machines is growing and our branding is becoming recognised by the public which is exciting and encouraging.

Sarah Davey -  0413 450 505

Kate Dennis (Property Manager)

I have been with Timms now for over a year.  I love the fact that we are a SA based company and support other SA based companies with marketing etc and that all money stays in our great State!

 I value the fact that the team is so focused in helping each other. If I ever need anything I have no hesitation in asking another staff member and I know that the same works for them.  This provides a 1 stop shop for most of our clients. 

Adam and Val provide great support.  Whether it be professional or personal.  We do both group and individual training and we are encouraged to ask for training in any areas we feel we may need it.  Any legislation updates and training are provided as well.

 Timms has offered me the opportunity to work with a growing brand and to put my mark on it.  We are encouraged to bring to the table any ideas we have to improve the service to our clients and then implement it.

I am encouraged to do my best and be my best!  We all are…

 The Timms branding is bold, fresh and exciting.  We definitely stand out from the crowd!  We showcase the best in every home.

 I have been in property management for many years, and I approached Adam and Val to work with them when I wanted to move.  I had known Val for a number of years and had always been impressed with her ethics and drive.  This was a company that I wanted to join!

 The sky’s the limit!  Seriously, we are growing and striving to be the best.  With all our great word of mouth, we are getting busier than ever.  And the figures speak for themselves!

 Timms motto of “work hard, play hard” is lived by all the team.  We are encouraged and supported all the way.  Valerie and Adam live by example.  They are very family focused and we are the extended family!

Amie Jamieson (Property Manager)

I joined Timms Real Estate as I believed in the vision Adam and Valerie had, and working with them previously I knew they would be a huge success.

I love working with Team Timms as we are innovative, up-to-date with the latest technology, lots of training and support and most of all the team is fantastic. Valerie is a great mentor!

Amie Jamieson - 8471 6161

Nadia Boscaini (Social Media and Events)

I have worked with Adam and Valerie for over 6 months, and in this short period, I have never felt more comfortable, accepted and valued in a workplace. The Timms team have provided me with a chance to use my skills and develop additional skills that positively contribute to my career goals and personal aspirations. Adam and Valerie offer a wide range of training to ensure I can incorporate any skills that I have, into my work performed at Timms Real Estate. Their focus on training, team development and regular meetings ensure I am comfortable in my role and provide a level of support I have not found in any other work place. Their trust in their employees and their skills make me truly happy to come to work each morning. I love how I am employed to work with people I like working with, in a role that I enjoy, for a company that has the same values, morals and ethics as I do. This makes me believe I have a passion for working for this company, willing to help in any way possible to assist the staff and work with and for the company. The Timms team have offered me many opportunities at a rate that is unbelievable. My long term goals have now turned into short term achievements as a result of the help, guidance and support of the Timms Real Estate team. Their originality, marketing and willingness to try new things as well as support their local community and a wide range of charities make me proud to be a part of such a strong and moral brand.

Valerie and Adam have provided me with an opportunity, to excel professionally and personally and I do believe this company is already on its way to becoming a dominate, household name when people think about Real Estate. 

Ashley Williams (Property Marketing Specialist)

Why Timms Real estate ?

 Valerie and Adam have more than a 2 decades of real estate industry experience combined.

 Their genuine love of the industry is obvious and their community, and they tackle challenges head on with a down to earth approach 

 They believe communication is the key to a successful outcome, truly wanting to help and work with their staff to achieve their goals.

 Valerie's & Adams weekly training has contributed to me achieving outstanding results for many of my clients.

 I am truly grateful for their efforts as I can see now I'm benefiting from the ongoing training, support and market leading campaigns of one of the industry’s most iconic brands, Timms .

 Adam and Valerie want you to achieve a result that exceeds expectations and firmly believe in you.

 They want you to run your own business, within their business and be part of their South Australian owned and operated business.

 They are honest, dedicated and results-driven professionals who actually listen and are available to you anytime .

Joining a blue ribbon brand like Timms, was a logical step for me, combining  my own talents with Timms  first class service levels, advanced systems and industry leading marketing, Timms is the real estate agency of choice.

As you can see, they get enormous satisfaction from seeing their staff succeed & love helping all staff members feel we are a valuable member of the Timms team.

 “I’m so fortunate to work with a great team who are all committed to excelling at what they do and who all share the same customer service focus and long-term vision for the agency.”


Prue McElwain (Property Marketing Specialist)

I approached Timms Real Estate originally in 2013 as their brand seemed fresh and innovative and the Somerton park office had a very quirky sign outside the office on Brighton road which made me think that Valerie and Adam were taking a different approach to business which was appealing to me. The fact that Timms is an SA independent company means they are not restricted by ideas from interstate that may or may not work in Adelaide. Valerie and Adam have very clear thoughts of how they want their brand, Timms real estate to be known and it is refreshing to be a part of a business that wants to stand out from the crowd. Leading the way, not only in innovation and staying ahead of technology but also in the most important area, customer service.

To have a great team usually steams from having great leaders and Valerie and Adam although quite different in their management styles are both motivating, encouraging and share their vast experience generously. Valerie and Adam will, without hesitation help when asked and always go above and beyond, whether it is with clients, staff training or the amazing service Timms offer.

 All the staff at Timms welcomed me from the very first day and I was quickly included in the team, I could see that they were all very passionate about making Timms a success and it was about the team rather than the individual. Always friendly, fun and positive it is a pleasure to go to the office each day and be part of a very service orientated business. Having worked in various Real estate offices in the past I have seen a divide between Property Management and Sales, but not at Timms, There is a uniformity and clarity as to what we all want Timms to achieve for the future and are committed to getting there. This is rare in a business these days and I believe it stems from the leadership of Valerie and Adam.

 Valerie and Adam provide in house training twice weekly as well as outsourcing professionals and providing training seminars, which are always informative, fun and thought provoking. I look forward to watching Timms grow into an even greater success and be part of the team.

 There is a very appropriate saying that comes to mind when I think of Valerie and Adam Timms. "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more then you’re a leader". John Quincy Adams

 Valerie and Adam are wonderful inspiring leaders and I am proud to be associated with them.