Tiny Tickers Ball raises around $30,000 for HeartKids!

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On Saturday night Team Timms donned their frocks and dinner suits to support HeartKids in raising some crucial funds to assist the families of children with heart defects.

You may or may not know that much of the surgery required for HeartKids occurs in Melbourne, thus making it an expensive and difficult journey.

Adam Timms mustered his best auction skills as well as putting on a great show, sharing the stage with Brenton Ragless, Patch the Lion, the Ambassadors of HeartKids and some wonderfully brave children.

The entire crowd of over 400 were bidding generously and Adam ensured the bids were fast and furious and every last charity dollar was raised. We look forward to being part of the Tiny Tickers ball again next year.

Team Timms were thrilled to win the bid for a 'Paris Runner' Nick May, and look forward to hearing of his progress. Please enjoy some photos of the night along with the video of Adams inspirational auction opening speech.


Nick May (left) our Paris Runner

Timms Half Awards - Fun and Inspiring

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At Timms Real Estate we work hard and play hard - our play symbol forms part of our logo for that very reason!

We love to recognise our team for their amazing efforts and like to take the opportunity of all being in the one room at the same time, to engage in some inspirational personal development. This year we were thrilled to have the lovely Jaynie Morris tell her story to our team. She wowed and inspired and we provided a copy of her book to each team member as a gift to remember her message.

Everyone received a Timms Medallion with the words 'Team Timms United" engraved upon it. This symbolises our solidarity as a team.

Special awards for performance were awarded to:

  1. Top Lister Overall – Jason Mills
  2. Half Awards 2015 – Top Lister Overall Runner Up – Judy Weckert
  3. Half Awards 2015 – Top Sales Agent – Jason Mills
  4. Half Awards 2015 – Top Sales Agent Runner Up – Ainsley
  5. Half Awards 2015 – Top Settlements – Jason Mills

Please enjoy our video of the Timms 2015 Half Awards.


Timms Expands Across Adelaide

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Another, And Yet Another Timms Real Estate Office Opens Its Doors

Team Timms is proud to share the videos of our expansion across Adelaide (along with our "old school" first opening video). We are a family owned, independent company who put our clients at the heart of every transaction - as it's the results that count. Thank you for being a part of our journey. We invite you to be a part of our success!


Team Timms Farewells A Friend

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Team Timms farewells Ashleigh Snape, not only our trusted conveyancer from Fentons Conveyancing but also a loyal friend. Words cannot describe the loss felt by all in particular his wife Kathryn and 2 children. A foundation has been set up for Ashleigh's family and we encourage you to consider offering a donation to ensure his family is looked after in the coming months and years.



New Financial Year - What Will Your Focus Be?

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If January is a time for personal resolutions, July should be the time to make smart financial decisions for the year ahead. Draw a line under the year that’s been, and follow these five resolutions for a new financial year that brings wealth as well as happiness.

Really commit to a budget

It’s right up there with exercising regularly and going to bed earlier; we all know we should have a budget and stick to it, but few of us manage to keep up the discipline. With a number of good budgeting apps on the market, consider spending a small amount and investing in something like You Need A Budget which allows you to track your spending on the go all the time. If you’re looking to buy a home for the first time, evidence that you can save money is going to help your case immensely when it comes time to talk to the bank, so keep records now and the effort will pay off.

Set your goals for the year

Are you hoping to save for your first deposit, buy an investment property or pay down your mortgage? Set your goals down in hard black and white, including timelines and the dollars you’ll need to achieve them. Then look at the budget you created and see where you can cut. It’s only when you really understand what you have coming in and where it is going out that you will be able to make the changes that will allow you to save up for what you really want.

Pay down your debts first

There’s no point stashing away money in a savings account earning 1% when you have a credit card bill racking up 19% in interest fees every month. Make a list of your debts and the interest rate that applies to each, target the one with the highest interest penalty and pay it off as fast as you can. Once that one is gone, use the extra money to the next debt, and so on. This is called a ‘snowball’ approach to debt management, and it can be very effective.

Make time for joy

Too strict an approach always leads to failure, whether it’s a diet of straight celery sticks or a budget that needs you no room for fun. Make sure that you allow yourself little treats and build in an margin for those unexpected expenses, or you’ll get discouraged as soon as the first car repair bill comes due and give up.

Keep an eye on the goal

Remember those goals you wrote down? Stick them up somewhere. Make a chart. Do you need to save $10,000? Schedule a small reward every time I save 10%. Visual reminders of how far you’ve come and what you’re aiming for are very powerful motivators.

And above all, have faith in yourself. You can do this.