Timms Investment Night - Join Us

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Whether you are a first time investor or experienced, come and join us on Wednesday 7th June for a complimentary and informative night.

Do you want to expand your current portfolio?

Are you looking to secure your financial future?

Not sure how to break into the property market?

Register for our FREE information session at The Highway Hotel

There is a quality line up of industry professionals and latest technology on offer. During the evening our speakers will inform you about:

  • Investing with self-managed super funds and buying off the plan - Presented by: Trent Simmons - Gibson & Partners Chartered Accountants
  • A guide to Property Management - Presented by: Debbie Drewer - Residential Letting
  • Local Opportunity to Invest - Presented by: Jason Mills - Timms Real Estate
  • Buildtec & Key Central – Presented by: Anthony Carroci
  • Product demo of the latest technology in 3D Property Tours

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and further your financial future, register at http://www.keycentral.com.au/investment-night

Tips for Moving In Hot Weather

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Australians love Summer. Adelaide certainly gets its fair share of summer days. As the capital of the driest state in Australia, our summers are filled with plenty of 30+ days, endless blue skies and myriad opportunities to get out and enjoy the sun.

However, there are some things that aren’t ideal hot weather activities, including moving house. So, if you’re planning to move house over the next couple of months, the tips below will help ensure you survive the ordeal.

Slip, Slop, Slap

The ‘Slip, Slop, Slap’ rule actually applies to any activity in hot weather but particularly to moving house. You may not realise it at the time, but you spend an awful lot of time out in the sun’s rays while you’re moving. Every time you traipse out to the moving truck, your personal UV index will skyrocket. So, make sure you apply a liberal amount of sunscreen at the start of the day, and throughout.

Not only that, the natural tendency during hot weather is to wear as little as possible. The thing is, stripping off actually opens you up to sunburn, rather than keeping you cool. It’s better to wear a long sleeve, light shirt to keep the sun off you and allow the heat to escape.

You don’t want to spend your first night in your new home wincing with sunburn, so never ignore this first tip.

Have A Water Supply Handy

Moving day is always busy. You may be so focused on getting everything done that you forget to stay hydrated. Always keep a water bottle close by to reminds you to have a sip every now and then. You can even get lanyards that keep the bottle attached around your neck. Remember, nothing hydrates like water. Stay away from sugary or fizzy drinks because, while they might taste nice, they only increase your dehydration levels.

Get Started Early

The hottest part of the day is between 11am and 4pm so you want to ensure that the moving truck is packed and ready to go before 11am. By getting up earlier, you can get most of the work done during the cooler hours and spend the hottest part of the day inside setting up your new home.

Protect Your Belongings

Electronic equipment, photos, plants and other delicate items can get damaged by heat so make sure the boxes that contain these items are placed in the truck first or last. Never leave them sitting out in direct sunlight for too long.

Look After Your Pets

The ideal situation would be to have a friend or family member look after your pets on moving day, particularly if the mercury is expected to raise the roof. With all the chores that you’ll need to do, you simply might not have the time to check on them, and keep them cool. Organise a pet sitting to make sure they don’t suffer heat stroke.

Keep The Car Running

About 15 minutes before you plan on jumping into your car or the moving van, switch it on and pump up the air-conditioning (obviously make sure that the car battery doesn’t run flat in the process). Cooling down your vehicle before you get in will make the world of difference, particularly if you’re hot already from lugging moving boxes around all day.

Watch Out For Heat Exhaustion

Remember, nothing is more important than your health. So, if you start to notice any of the signs or symptoms of heatstroke or dehydration in yourself or a loved one, stop work. Attend to the problem. Signs to keep an eye out for include dizziness, rapid heartbeat, lack of sweating and a high temperature.

Enlist A Professional Removalist

After all is said and done, if moving house during the height of an Australian summer sounds like torture, then it might be time to call in a professional local removals company. Professional removalists will have extensive experience in moving in all sorts of weather.

If you need some further hints and tips on how make the process of moving house a bit easier, download this handy Moving House Checklist.

Article by Sally Wood, Kent Relocation Group

Melbourne Cup Luncheon

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At the beautiful Salopian Inn, great food, local wines, best dressed and best hat competition, sweeps and live auctions - all for HeartKids. HeartKids provide support, encouragement and hope to families of children with Heart Disease, while raising awareness and vital funding into the causes of this chronic disease. While for many families of these children the future is clouded with uncertainty, our goal is to secure the futures of these very special kids. Come and join in our special day!

Bookings: www.trybooking.com/229312

Contact Details:

Judy Weckert 0433 140 207 | judy@timmsrealestate.com.au

"Trybooking proudly supports charities by donating back all booking fees"

Adelaide Catch Up with the Property Girls Event

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Adelaide Catch Up with the Property Girls events vision is to connect and inspire women in the property industry. It's about providing a forum for like-minded women to communicate problems or challenges they might be experiencing, workshopping solutions and simply encouraging each other to achieve their career goals in an open and collaborative environment.

Don't miss a special TEDette talk by our very talented Valerie Timms of Timms Real Estate.

On: Wednesday, October 12 at 6 PM - 8:30 PM

At: 30 Waymouth Street, Adelaide

Register now at http://bit.ly/2cE5AmQ

That's a Big Ride Invitation

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Our very own Todd Sloan left on the ride of his life on the 1st of April. He will Cycle approximately 3,024km in just 14 days, from the top of Darwin to Adelaide!

Why you ask? his goal is to change the lives of children that are born with childhood heart diseaseby raising money for HeartKids.

Eight babies will be born today with Childhood Heart Disease (CHD). It is the most common birth abnormality and the leading cause of death in young children in Australia under the age of one, accounting for more than 30% of all childhood deaths. CHD takes more lives than all other childhood diseases combined. HeartKids SA provide support to children who are born with or acquire CHD, many of whom undergo life-giving heart surgery. We strive to bring hope and understanding to their families as they navigate their way through very difficult journeys.

Please join us at the 'Welcome Home" fundraiser or dig deep and donate to:https://give.everydayhero.com/au/thats-a-big-ride

Keep in touch with Todd and his progress through: