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Whether you’re just about to move out of home for the first time or you’re looking for a change of scenery, it’s important to find the place that’s right for you - a place you can afford, that offers all the features you want and need for your lifestyle, a place where you’ll feel at home. The team at Timms Real Estate assists many tenants every day to find the right home. 

Our website enables you to search for a home based not just on location but also a property’s price range, and the lifestyle ‘must haves’ that the property will provide you. Whether you’re looking for a place by the water, near to the train station, within minutes of schools and shops, or a short stroll to the beach, our lifestyle search facility will help you search for a lifestyle not just a home. By registering online you will also receive regular alerts of new properties that match your location and lifestyle criteria. Start your search for a new home today by utilising our online search facility. Our property management team know their areas intimately and will be able to offer you valuable advice and support to help make the process of moving a little easier. Call our property management department on (08) 8471 6100

The property I am renting is for sale. How much notice should the landlord / property manager give me for prospective buyers wishing to look through the property? The Residential Tenancies Act suggests that the owner or agent may enter the property, for the purpose of showing the premises to prospective purchasers, at any reasonable hour and on a reasonable number of occasions, after giving the tenant reasonable notice. 

The property I am renting has now been sold. I have a fixed 12 month lease with 6 months still to run. What will happen to my lease? A fixed term lease stays in place when a property is sold. As a tenant you have the right to remain in the property until the end of your lease. The new owner takes on the same lease rights and obligations as the previous owner. 

How often can the property manager carry out routine inspections? Normally the first routine inspection would be carried out after the first six weeks, and thereafter on a quarterly basis. 

Do I have to pay a pet bond? 

The Residential Tenancies Act at suggested a further to be collected if the tenant is permitted to keep any cat or dog on the premises to meet the cost of fumigation if required at the termination of the tenancy. If the fumigation cost exceeds then the tenant would be responsible for any excess. 

If the property I am renting does not have door or window locks what can I do? The Residential Tenancies Act suggests that the owner shall provide and maintain such locks or other devices as are necessary to ensure that the premises are reasonably secure. 

I have a periodic lease and the house has been sold, how much notice does the owner/ property manager have to give me? Unless you have discussed and consented to alternative arrangements with your owner / property manager you are to be given written notice to move not less than 60 days. 

If I do not agree with the final inspection report and the deductions from my bond what can I do? At the final inspection when vacating a property, the property should be in similar condition as shown on the original property condition report. Should you not agree with the deductions to be made from your bond and you cannot resolve the issue with the owner through the managing agent, then the dispute would have to be resolved legally via the tenancies tribunal. 

What happens if I do not pay the agreed rent? 

A basic obligation of a tenant is to pay the rent. If the rent is not paid by the agreed date, then the owner/ property manager will seek to end the tenancy. 

The tenancy may be ended through two alternatives: 
Firstly, not less than one day after the rent should have been paid; the owner may issue a Breach Notice or Non Payment of Rent. This notice requires the tenant to pay all outstanding rent within 14 days. 

If the rent remains unpaid, the owner may issue a Notice of Termination for Non Payment of Rent. This notice seeks to terminate the tenancy agreement and requires the tenant to leave the property within seven days. 

Secondly, not less than one day after the rent should have been paid; the owner may issue a Notice of Termination for Non-Payment of Rent. The notice warns the tenant that unless the outstanding rent is paid within the next 7 days, the owner/ property manager may apply to the court for an order to terminate the tenancy agreement. 

What is the residential tenancy act? The Residential Tenancies Act 1987 is an act adhere to in all states and territories of Australia. The Act is designed to regulate relationships that are fair and reasonable between owners and tenants. The Act is governed by parliament within each respective state and territory. 

Can I withhold rent? 


If the owner does not honour his/her obligations under the lease agreement, the tenant is not legally able to withhold rent. 

The tenant may issue a Notice of Breach of Agreement (by Owner). If the situation is not fixed by the termination of the notice period, an application may be forced to lodge court proceedings for the owner to remedy the alleged breach. 

Moving Tips 

It’s recommended that you refer to your property condition reports as a good guide to the condition the property should be left in prior to returning the keys. Below is a guide of things that should be in order. 

  • All carpets need to be professionally steam cleaned 
  • Oven and kitchen elements need to be well cleaned 
  • Clean surfaces areas area’s such as: bathrooms, laundry, toilet’s, kitchen etc 
  • Windows inside and out, skirting boards, shelving in all rooms cleaned 
  • Lawns need to be cut and gardens weeded, neat & tidy 
  • All rubbish bins should be clean and empty when leaving a property
  • Ensure all lighting is in working order
  • Leave picture hooks in walls
  • The property should be fumigated if a pet has been residing at the property 
  • Eaves should be cobweb free internal and external 
  • All security codes and door remote controls should be left in a safe yet visual position 
  • Garage & carport areas should be cleaned of all material including shelving, tools, engine oil, bricks etc
  • Concrete driveways should be cleaned of grease and oil stains 
  • Curtains and blinds should be dust free and hanging correctly 
  • Utilities should be notified of your change of address and a your mail should be redirected 

© Tenant’s Information Guide Please take a moment to read the following information. There are just a few things you should know. If you have any queries please give one of our experienced property managers a call. 

Rental Applications 

Each person will need to complete an Application Form. You will be required to provide sufficient documentation to meet a 100 Point Identification Check. Please bring copies of the documents with you. 

Drivers Licence
40 points 
40 points
Birth Certificate
30 points 
Other Photo Id
30 points
Current Wage Advice
20 points 
Previous Tenancy Reference
20 points
Previous 2 rent receipts
20 points 
Motor Vehicle reg. Certificate
10 points 
Bank statement
10 points 
Telephone account
10 points
Electricity account
10 points
Gas account
10 points

You will also be required to supply the following: 

  • Evidence of a source of income from which the rent will be paid. If you are not working, you will need to supply documents e.g. letter from parents stating the amount of financial support and frequency it is paid, documents from Centrelink or, Austudy, and personal bank statements. 
  • A list of 3 personal referees and their daytime contact numbers and e-mail addresses. Talk to your referees first for their approval to ensure they will be available, when the property manager contacts them for a reference. Delays in processing applications can occur if referees are away on holidays etc and not contactable. 

Condition Report 

Very important form when moving in. It has to be filled out by the tenant and agent so we both agree to the condition of the property. Please return to us within 3 days of moving in. At the time of vacating, you will be required to complete an exit condition report that will compare with the ingoing condition report. 

Electricity / Phone 

It is your responsibility to have electricity, gas and telephone connected in your name and to have the account finalised when you vacate. 

Paying Rent 

You will have been issued with either a Timms Real Estate ‘Hand e Rent’ card, or you will have made arrangements for a Direct Debit payment system with your Financial Institution. If you have any queries regarding rental payments please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Rent Arrears 

If you are having difficulty in paying your rent, always contact us to discuss your problems. If you become 4 days in arrears, we will issue a reminder letter first. After 7 days in arrears, we are obliged by law to issue a Notice to Remedy Breach giving you 7 days to bring your rent back up to date. Should the breach not be remedied within the 7 days, then a Notice to Leave is issued, giving you 7 days to vacate the premises. 


We ask that you report by completing our repair request form any matters requiring repair or maintenance immediately to avoid the risk of injury to visitors or damage to the rented property. Any maintenance problem arranged by the tenant outside our normal business hours will be at the tenants cost unless it is proven to be an extreme emergency. The only type of maintenance that will be dealt with over the phone is "Emergency". Excess Water - If Applicable on Lease 


According to your Tenancy Agreement you are responsible for payment of excess water usage at the property. Anything over 175 kilolitres is your responsibility. 

Breaking Lease 

If you are breaking the Tenancy Agreement before the expiry date please contact your property manager for information on costs and obligations for breaking your lease. 

Vacating the Property 

If you intend to vacate the property on the date listed on your Tenancy Agreement or after the expiry date, please complete the “Notice of Intension to Leave Form” and ensure your property manager receives it at least two weeks before the date you intend to leave. Please also refer to our moving checklist. 


Only the people originally included on your application and approved by the owner are allowed to reside at the property permanently. If a new tenant wishes to replace an existing tenant you must inform your property manager and complete the “Changes to Tenants on the Tenancy Agreement Form” and send to your property manager BEFORE the change occurs. 

Contents Insurance 

Please be aware that the Lessor’s property insurance does not cover your personal belongings and it is in your interest to obtain contents insurance in case of damage or theft. 


Must be placed in the proper bins. Rubbish placed in boxes or bags will not be collected by the Council and this then can cause a health problem. 


Do not use Blu-Tack or sticky type substances to hang or place pictures on the wall as removal of these items usually causes damage to the walls. If no picture hooks are in the premises please contact us to arrange for approval by the Lessor. 


Unless a pet is specifically APPROVED on your lease, pets will not be allowed without prior approval. Please note that in unit complexes the Body Corporate By-Laws do not allow pets in any case. 


You are responsible for the lawns and gardens unless specified beforehand. This means watering, weeding, trimming and mowing. Also be aware, that if vehicles are being parked on grassed areas, the condition of the lawn is to be bought back to original condition if and when you terminate the tenancy. This can be very costly, so please keep this in mind when parking on grassed areas not designated as parking. 

Routine Inspections 

AT Timms Property Management we carry out routine inspections on all our properties every 3 - 4 months and will advise you in writing prior. This is always a good opportunity to point our any maintenance problems or other concerns you may have. If you are not present we will access the property with our spare keys. 

Property for Sale 

If during your tenancy the property goes up for sale, don’t worry! You cannot be requested to leave at a moments’ notice. If you are under a lease you are there for the term of that lease other than that, the lessor has to give you 2 months notice to vacate the property. 


We usually have a spare set of keys in the office. Should you have lost your keys or have locked yourself out you may collect our set during office hours. After hours our recommended locksmith can be contacted at your cost. 

If you have any other questions we are always happy to assist.  Contact one of our friendly property managers on (08) 8471 6100 or email at [email protected]