The Service We Provide to You

As part of our commitment to providing service of the highest standard, we provide our clients, (those wishing to sell property), with a guarantee of service. This details the activities we will perform in the sale of your home or investment property.

If you are a buyer or a landlord, you too, are an important component of the entire property transaction. At Timms we recognise that! That’s why we offer a guarantee of service to all Timms Real Estate landlords.

We are committed to continually improving our customer service to all our customer groups including vendors, buyers, tenants and landlords, and regularly run training courses and workshops for all Timms Real Estate staff.

If you are buying or selling property, looking for the latest information on property in your area, or industry trends, why not contact Timms Real Estate.

When selling a property it is important to ensure the agent you choose to represent you is the best for the job. Selling can be as much of a stressful and emotionally draining time as buying, so it is important you have an agent you can trust and you do not feel you need to watch.

As your agent, we shall explain to you every aspect of your sale, as well as all the ins and outs of the process. You need to remember that your agent is your representative, so you should know as much about us and the experience we shall provide you, as possible. We shall aim to provide you not only with an estimate of your property’s worth but also a guide to what other similar properties in your area have sold for.

At Timms Real Estate, we understand there is a lot more to selling your home than simply placing a ‘For Sale’ sign in front of your property. Below, we take a critical look at the three major marketing strategies used in the sale of property, ie Exclusive Agency, Public Auction and Quiet Listing

Option One - Sale by Exclusive Agency

Your property would be placed in our hands as exclusive agents for an agreed period of time. As your exclusive agent, we are committed to actively marketing the property for sale. Several marketing and promotional options are open to you, specifically designed to target buyers.

Under this arrangement the property will be promoted to the market with a pre-determined asking price, however the terms of the final contract can be changed as a consequence of negotiations with the buyer.

You may consider this method suitable if you are not in a hurry to sell and are prepared to wait until a buyer comes along who is willing to pay the asking price. This being the case, you should consider the following;

  • Placing a price on your home usually guarantees that the amount set will be the maximum price you will be likely to achieve. People often offer less, but rarely more!
  • As a result of the unlimited time frame, there is little urgency placed upon potential purchasers to buy your property.

Option Two - Sale by Public Auction

At Timms Real Estate our auction services as supported by Adam Timms, our in house auctioneer.

The sale of property by auction is widely recognised as the most effective and successful method of achieving a premium price for your property in the shortest possible time. This is achieved by the following:

  • An auction advertising program is an impressive demonstration of your commitment to sell, with a targeted marketing campaign intended to saturate specific buyers in the market
  • Marketing without a price attracts an unlimited buying market – buyers will judge your property on its features and benefits – not price
  • The contract of sale will be on your terms. You, the owner, remain in control and the terms you set may include the period for completion, financial terms, or any other special conditions
  • An auction date creates a sense of urgency yet still allows purchasers ample time to complete their own inquiries and arrange finance. On the actual day of the auction each potential purchaser can clearly see their competition, which builds competitive biddings and ultimately exhausts market demand – resulting in a premium price

At the conclusion of a successful auction, the purchaser is required to pay a 10% deposit and an unconditional contract of sale must be executed. The purchaser is then locked into the purchase of your property.

Option Three - Quiet Listing

This method of sale is perfect for:

  • Those who wish to test the market without over-exposing their property
  • Those who are not definitely selling but would sell for the right price
  • Those who are definitely selling who do not have their home prepared for sale yet but are keen to start gathering buyers

How we market a Quiet Listing:

  • We use the internet, the Timms Property Update email database and our buyer database to gauge market response
  • Professional photography and floor plans are conducted, however minimal newspaper marketing is employed
  • We may already have a buyer we can show through your property from our database of ‘hot’ buyers

Your Marketing Plan

Your marketing campaign will be designed to achieve a specific goal. It will generate focused awareness in the target market and will attract inquiries about your particular property.

It will be targeted to your agent’s database of likely clients and other potential buyers in the area. It may use tools such as email campaigns and internet, letterbox drops, signboards, property promotional brochures, direct mail and local/national advertising. Timms Real Estate knows your local market statistics, which tell you where the majority of buyers should come from, either from outside your area or moving within it. Your campaign is tailored accordingly and is based on your individual time frame, budget and requirements.

Marketing property via the internet is developing more each day and Timms Real Estate is at the forefront of this technology; timmsrealestate.com is your real estate partner of the future, working 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. It provides buyers with up to the minute information on thousands of properties listed in Timms Real Estate’s extensive agency network.

You should spend time with your agent going over every detail before finally agreeing to your marketing campaign and budget.

Speak with your chosen Timms Real Estate agent today to determine what method of sale and marketing campaign would best suit you (08) 8471 6100 or [email protected]