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Do you think you or your administrators need a pat on the back? Timms Real Estate celebrate administrators

Posted in Real Estate
05 May 2022
Do you think you or your administrators need a pat on the back? Timms Real Estate celebrate administrators Photo

Want to know how to improve workplace culture in your office? We invite you to peek behind the curtain of Timms Real Estate to see where our magic happens thanks to our inspiring team of administrators. 

At Timms we love to celebrate.  

The recent launch of the Timms HQ sets a new tone for our commitment to having the best culture in Adelaide real estate. Part of that is also celebrating our team. 

This week we take advantage of the National Administration Professionals Day to pay tribute to our amazing and highly professional administrators.  

Best in Adelaide Real Estate Culture  

The way we see it, the heart of Timms Real Estate is our people. Together we feed off each other’s energy and achieve a better result for our clients because we work as a team. 

Within our team of 22 people, seven are administrators and sales support staff. Within the leadership team of three, two are administrators including Ashley Cruz, our Business Operations Manager, and Madeleine Elkin, our Finance Manager. Our administrators are our backbone. 

The dedication and commitment of these individuals enables our customer service, sales and rentals teams to shine. They manage our governance, human resources, legal, compliance, and information technology systems to ensure a seamless service to every client.    

Meet our team of administrators  

Ashley Cruz, Business Operations Manager: Ashley leads Timms Real Estate through every opportunity and challenge, carving out our path and keeping us steady. 

Madeleine Elkin, Finance Manager: Having been with Timms Real Estate since inception 10 years ago, Madeleine has charted us through rocky waters and helped us to find our feet as leaders in Adelaide property sales and management. 

Susan Martin, Sales Support Specialist: Susan has an impressive ability to make anyone feel at ease, with a wonderfully organised and efficient approach to achieving as the executive assistant to Sean Muxlow. 

Lisa Gluis, Sales Support Specialist: While Lisa often works behind-the-scenes, her thorough attention to detail on regulation compliance, protects our clients through the sometimes-complicated legal process of exchanging property.  

Illiana Mulraney, Sales Support Specialist: There are few who combine such a perfect balance of attention to detail and an ability to act and think quickly, like Iliana. 

Taylor Keers, Marketing and Administration Specialist: Have you ever met someone more friendly and helpful in your life? Taylor is exceptional support to Timms. 

Anita Emswiler, Client Concierge and Administration Specialist: As a veteran customer service specialist, Anita’s unique role in this industry assures Timms’ clients and buyers have the best experience.  

Plans to say thank you 

When it comes to workplace culture, we’re happy to invest in a celebration. Have you enjoyed the 6-course degustation lunch at the amazing Red Poles and McLaren Vale? We can’t wait. 

It’s there in the week ahead where our administrative team will enjoy a leisurely ladies lunch.  

To all those bosses who want to say thank you to their exceptional team, we hope to see you there. 

If you’d like to work with an Adelaide Real Estate team whose culture sets us apart to deliver the best in client results, we invite you to get in touch today.