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New Timms HQ lifts the bar for environmentally sustainable real estate

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28 Oct 2021
New Timms HQ lifts the bar for environmentally sustainable real estate Photo
The 2022 opening of the Timms Real Estate HQ is set to lift the bar for environmentally sustainable real estate and ensure a culture-fit right for Timms’ staff and clients.

Our home is our castle: Digital workplaces should not be at the expense of client service
As corporate life edges toward a work-from home approach, what remains of the sanctity of the home as a personal space away from the pressures of professional life? 

By the very nature of our profession, at Timms we believe our homes are our haven. This ethos has driven us to rethink the rhetoric around the remote workplace. Instead, we have listened to the Timms team who strive to find the right work-life balance and work culture.

The 2022 launch of the new multi-million-dollar Timms HQ, bucks the Australia-wide trend toward digital workplaces. We remain driven by a commitment to workplace culture that fosters the best in client service. 

An agency committed to environmental sustainability 
In setting up our new HQ, Timms also see this as an opportunity to set a leading standard for environmental practice. 

Our clients and our community want to work with businesses who care about the environment. We care equally and want to demonstrate our commitment through our actions.

It began with the training and 2020 launch of our Livability Real Estate Specialists. We now better support our clients to list homes which offer the best in home comfort in ways which are economically and environmentally sound. 

After two years in the planning, all the Timms Real Estate HQ features are driving us toward the goal of becoming Australia’s first carbon neutral real estate agency. 

The environmental and efficiently professional choice in real estate.
Timms believes in styling, functionality, health and wellbeing and liveability. The new Timms HQ will improve the health and well-being of our team. 

Styled in a way that mirrors the look of the homes which we are styling all the time, features of the Timms HQ focus on efficiency, comfort, and connection to the community.

We have a gym for our staff to fit in time to relieve their stress and keep healthy. A café will welcome our community to take time out with us and our team.

We’re investing in environmentally sound choices which include LED lighting, cross flow ventilation, solar panels, greenery, and Big Ass fans (that is the actual name of the company) to ensure we use our air-conditioning wisely and circulate air for comfort and efficiency. 

Our own Jason Mills won a SA government grant to invest in the best in recycling technology for the Timms HQ. We’ve even lobbied the council to invest in an electric car charger outside our office.

We invite you all to join us for the 2022 launch. Stay tuned to learn more about our reveal in 2022, where we’ll share our new location and more about how we will better support your needs. 

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