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The 3 big digital trends for 2022 which change how we buy and sell Real Estate in South Australia

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03 Nov 2021
The 3 big digital trends for 2022 which change how we buy and sell Real Estate in South Australia Photo

This is an exciting time in real estate. Confidence in the property market is at an all-time high with huge growth in property prices. 

This is set, perhaps surprisingly, against the backdrop of a year spent in and out of lockdowns. Even as things open-up, the spike in digital communications continues. Wonderful tech innovations are changing community expectations of how people want to communicate with companies.

In this context, there are three areas which Timms see will change the way we buy, sell and rent real estate in South Australia in 2022.

1.    More digital-only selling of real estate 

This year we saw the potential of digital communications to improve the way we run our marketing campaigns and we liked what we saw.

At Timms we adapted to give buyers and tenants a tailored digital viewing experience with our Liveability Real Estate Specialists taking many individually through homes via Facetime and Zoom calls. 

Our own Jason Mills was among the first in the industry to list, market, and sell a property entirely online.

While entirely digital sales and rentals may not be right for every home, it especially offers benefits to engage interstate and international investors and house hunters. It also offers health & safety benefits in a new COVID-19 world.

2.    Digital users want more tailored and social media communications

Compared to 2018/2019 financial year, Australians online web browsing, especially on Facebook, in 2019/20 increased by 98%*. 72% say they now only engage with marketing messages that are personalised to their interests.**

New digital needs will force our industry to adapt. Timms has done so as the first South Australian real estate agent to introduce the full-gamut of Diakrit technology that includes Vogue-standard photography, interactive floor plans, virtual tours, digital renovation, and social media tools.

This technology has transformed our rental property listing presentation, especially the 3D tours and beautiful property photography. Here’s one great example of a clever listing. 


3.     Tech tools including Artificial Intelligence gives more time for human interaction

Real Estate experts these days are not only salespeople, negotiators and legal experts, we are also marketers of ourselves and property, social media experts, IT experts, and the list goes on. 

The demands have rapidly evolved well beyond what an individual can manage. That's why Timms have implemented cutting edge technology such as RiTa and Active Pipe. 

These tools assist agents to know who to call and when, who to market to, and help us connect with only those interested, rather than via bulk spam. 

RiTA can assist agents to handle the massive volume of enquiries generated by buyers and ensure we can service all, but specifically focus on those who require personalised attention.  

This kind of software will in 2022 give real estate specialists more power to have meaningful conversation, and those interested to get the information they need in a timely way.  

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*Australian Communications and Media Authority Consumer Survey 2020