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The little-known secret to Adelaide real estate success and her name is RiTA

Posted in Real Estate
03 Sep 2021
The little-known secret to Adelaide real estate success and her name is RiTA Photo

Timms explains how we use the latest technology to improve our service to buyers and sellers.

The real estate industry is innovating at a rapid rate. Adelaide buyers and sellers deserve to reap the benefits with equally innovative real estate teams that capitalise on this new technology.

Timms stands for old-fashioned values with a modern approach. We live this with our quick adoption of the latest industry resources, which includes RiTA, our new artificial intelligence driven virtual assistant.

Timms is among the first in Adelaide to recruit RiTA, already a star performer helping us to qualify buyer interest quickly and make it more efficient to update those looking for a new property.

Here we share how RiTA helps us do a better job for buyers and sellers and make the process easier and more successful for everyone.

A win-win connecting buyers interested now in homes right for them.

Thanks to lovely RiTA, better than ever before we can ensure our buyer database is in top notch shape. Buyers get the right information and sellers can connect efficiently to buyers still looking for just that type of home.

Our lovely RiTA periodically searches for registered buyers we haven’t spoken with recently and sends them a text message to confirm if they are still looking for their dream home. We can then adjust our database according to how buyers reply. 

You can get the right real estate updates you want and none of the fluff.

RiTA supports all of our agents and clients alike by helping identify people who would like to receive a price update, showing recent sales for homes in their immediate neighbourhood.  

Clever analytics identifies clients most likely to be interested in local house prices and sends them a text message to offer them a price update and confirm their best email address.  

When a client confirms they would like a price update, RiTA alerts a Timms agent to prepare and send their information.  

You get the important information you need, when you need it.

Just like in many busy businesses, it can be difficult to respond quickly to buyer enquiries. Agents can be torn by so many competing priorities. 

Some people just want some quick information about things like land size, council rates or open for inspection times. That’s where RiTA lends a hand.

By intercepting buyer inquiry emails, RiTA responds directly with a prompt answer to these types of questions. This means that your Timms agent is freed up to answer more complex questions more quickly.

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