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Timms walk the talk in an all-out battle for mental health

Posted in Real Estate
15 Jun 2022
Timms walk the talk in an all-out battle for mental health Photo

Have you or someone you know battled anxiety and depression? Here’s more about how the Adelaide community and Team Timms are working to take the power back.

This September, hundreds in the Adelaide community, including the Timms team, will be walking together in solidarity against the insidious prevalence of anxiety and depression.

A Beyond Blue initiative, Coastrek, is a 30-kilometre hiking challenge from Victor Harbor to Goolwa. Which Timms team do you want to win our fundraising challenge?

The challenge is on: Timms Blue or Timms Green?
Up for a contest, we’ve galvanised two Timms teams in a fundraising battle of walking wits. Who will win? The power is in your hands.

The contenders:

Timms Team Green: Team captain and Property Manager extraordinaire Iwona Chmielowiec leads a daring group of intrepid adventurers. Our team of agile administrators in Susan Martin, Lisa Gluis, Iliana Mulraney, make a persuasive case for your charity dime.

Timms Team Blue: Led by our effervescent Sales Associate Jayden Finch, Timms Team Blue is sure to impress with the fancy footwork and wiry resolve of  Ellie Allam, Anita Emswiler, and Josh Leibich

The challenge
With a goal of raising $2000+ we encourage you to cast your votes with a few dollars in support of the team you want to win our Coastrek fundraising challenge.

The leader board

Timms Team Green is currently leading the charge. There is $1,382 already in the kitty, thanks to the generous support of family, friends, and local businesses. Honourable mentions include Cruz Construction and Beaumont Plumbing & Gas

Timms Team Blue have some catching up to do at $624 ready to donate. With your help though we can expect a great race to get them back in contention. 

How to support us in the Coastrek challenge: With just a few dollars you can donate on the Timms Team Green and Timms Team Blue fundraising pages. 

Coastrek is one of dozens of initiatives Timms gets behind each year, as part of our Adelaide community focus. Learn more here about the Timms team charities and community organisations we support and how you can get involved too.