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What are the benefits of an In-Room property auction?

Posted in Real Estate
09 Jun 2022
What are the benefits of an In-Room property auction? Photo

There’s no denying that property auctions are a popular way to sell real estate in Adelaide. Considering selling your home this way?

To help you make the best decision for selling your home, Timms has launched our ‘In-Room’ Auctions capability which we can now host at our professional auction rooms at the Timms HQ in Lonsdale. 

With this we invite you to sell your property at our first In-Room Auction Day this winter, which will sell some of south-Adelaide’s hottest properties over a single exciting day of auctions. 

When: Tuesday 2nd August, 6pm 
Where: Timms HQ 4/37-39 Sherriffs Road, Lonsdale, 5160

To get you started, here we’ve explained how our in-room auction may give you more opportunity to maximise your sale. 

What is an In-Room Auction?

In-room auctions are like your more traditional ‘street’ auctions, but are held at another site, usually professional auction rooms. There are no fundamental differences between how on-site or in-room auctions are run. Some property sales, though, are better suited to in-room auctions, with benefits for buyers and sellers alike.

What properties and circumstances are best for In-Room Auctions

•    Rented properties
•    Smaller properties or un-renovated properties
•    Properties which have noisy traffic nearby, are difficult to get to, or it’s hard to find parking
•    Owners with privacy concerns
•    Unpredictable and cold weather forecasts
•    Those wanting to better capture inter-state and out-of-town buyers

How Timms will host our In-Room Winter Auction Day

Timms is working towards our first In-room Auction Day. This winter we’ll bring together our brightest and best south-Adelaide properties to go under the hammer in one day of fast and fabulous auction excitement. 

We will welcome the crowds of serious buyers to the Timms HQ in Lonsdale, where they’ll be met by the full Timms team to offer our usual gold standard service and support.

Benefits of our one-day Winter In-room Auction

•    A controlled and professional environment that is attractive to serious buyers. 

Our Timms state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment will set the mood with slick videos of our properties. The full Team Timms participation provides greater control over the auction itself and ensures all buyers can be professionally engaged by a Timms Real Estate Professional. 

•    More auctions in one place makes it easier for buyers to bid on multiple properties. 

If a buyer misses out on one home, they can immediately move to bidding on another. This means more buyers for every home. 

•    A larger auction crowd creates a heightened sense of urgency. 

An atmosphere of anticipation and excitement has been known to incentivise buyers to ‘go to their maximum’. The FOMO (fear of missing out) becomes a potent driver of competition intensity. 

•    In-room auctions provide a familiar process and environment for interstate buyers.

In-room auctions are a more common process in other states. We’re seeing significant demand for this style of auction from investors and those seeking to relocate and take advantage of the Adelaide lifestyle. Making interstate buyers more comfortable can result in higher prices for our clients.

•    Ease, convenience and less stress for sellers. 

There is no need to rush around, clean your home or even do the dishes. Simply arrive at Timms HQ, be welcomed by your Real Estate Professional, and enjoy the ambiance and light refreshments in the lead up to your auction. 

Our Timms Winter In-Room Auction clients will also benefit from our bulk purchasing discounts, but spots are limited. Don’t delay or you could miss out!  

Call us today for a quote and to book your property for our Timms Winter In–Room Auction.  

If you're a purchaser or interested onlooker and would like to attend, register your interest by clicking here!