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What makes a good a property manager?

Posted in Real Estate
10 Apr 2021
What makes a good a property manager? Photo

Timms Real Estate take the hassle out being a landlord and here we share our insights about the qualities and capabilities to look for in good Adelaide Property Managers.

Many aspiring landlords believe that owning rental property will be a dream come true. You simply sit back and collect the rent, while your tenants take the utmost care of your property.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and without a property manager, you’ll be responsible for everything. A property manager takes all the hassle out of being a landlord and is trained to do so.

Our property managers handle all the ‘not so nice’ aspects like enforcing the terms of the lease, collecting the rent, or evictions.

But, how do you know your property manager is the right one for you? Here are 5 things you should look for that may help you decide on a good property manager.

Considerate, efficient and friendly approach to all involved.
Look for reviews of property managers that share their respectful and friendly approach to all involved, including both landlords and tenants.

With that respectful approach, which includes efficient handling of requests, you can of course be assured of a more pleasant experience. It will also improve the chances of holding on to good tenants and have less vacancy time to maintain your rental yield.

Experience that ensures professional service which can adapt to new situations.
Success rests on well-established first-hand experience of all facets of real estate. This brings with it a birds-eye-view and empathetic concern for clients’ and tenants’ needs. 

Each of our property managers, Nicole Steele and Iwona Chmielowiec, bring to the Timms team a long-established real estate career.

Markets do shift and trends in property are always changing. Our team is well prepared and attuned to those movements. This helps them advise on the implications, and how to handle the lows and capitalise on the highs.

Finding the right tenant with better presentation and a thorough checking process.
The best price starts with the best presentation. A good property management team offers plenty of interactive and digital marketing options, including great photography and social media advertising strategy.

At Timms we apply the same standard of marketing excellence to presenting your rental properties as we do for all our properties for sale.

Connection and communication.
Making it easier to get the information you want quickly can certainly improve the way you feel about the process of working with an Adelaide property manager.

We use cloud-based property management software Property Me. This helps keep landlords in the loop. It has a real-time dashboard to check on the status of every property related finance, property report or repair log.

Attention to detail.
It is good to ask your property manager about their process to find tenants and how they manage their tenancy.

To the Timms Property Management team the best quality tenant can be found with attention to detail and not rushing the process. We make sure our clients’ investments are protected, expertly managing condition reports at the beginning and end of a lease so there are no grey areas to contest.

If you select well, your property manager will handle it all - quickly, professionally, efficiently, and in compliance with all state code and regulations.

To learn more about the Timms Property Management team, please call our office on (08) 8471 6100.