Apartment 16, 738-740 Grand Boulevard - Seaford Meadows

2 Bedroom
1 Bath
1 Garage

SOLD in the Green Room

This property has been sold in the Timms Green Room. What is the Timms Green Room? In show business, the green room is the space in a theatre that functions as a waiting room for performers before they hit the stage. Our Green Room is a pre-launch 'waiting room' for owners who want to test the market and discover the price engagement level before hitting the button to go live. We call this an 'off-market property'.

Here's how it works. We contact confirmed registered buyers if their property wish list matches the property. They can then opt in to our Green Room to access our off-market properties. It gives them a heads up on properties before the rest of the world sees them. Many an outstanding sale is achieved off market.

Selling with discretion is another reason to use the Timms Green Room. This is for owners who, for whatever reason, don't want others to know they are selling their home.

Whatever your reason, the Timms Green Room is proven to create intense competition among target buyers, which is exactly what you want when selling your greatest financial asset. In addition it's an opportunity for buyers to secure a property by putting forth an offer that entices the Vendor to take it off the market.

Call Jason Mills now on 0431 809 306 or Alice Moorhouse on 0418 821 438 to find out how the Timms Green Room can work for you !

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Jason Mills

Liveability Real Estate Specialist


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Jason Mills

Liveability Real Estate Specialist

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