A focused and compassionate professional for consistent and reliable support, keeping clients coming back time and time again.

As an integral member of Sean Muxlow’s team, Vicki is proud to achieve the impressive results she does for Sean’s clients. Vicki’s commitment to providing a great experience for the client, from the beginning to the end of settlement, helps to make a smooth and enjoyable journey.

Timms Real Estate clients attest that it is an absolute pleasure to work with Vicki. Her consistent and reliable service performance, along with always following through on exactly what is promised, continues to result in a calm and stress-free presence and wonderful outcome.

Vicki understands that there are so many reasons prompting people to sell property, sometimes joyous and sometimes not, ensuring Vicki will always nurture people’s needs every step of the way, with thoughtful understanding and advice. 

This amazing compassion has been cultivated over decades in customer service roles, some managing many staff. Vicki will always put her hand up to help people, finding the right balance of firm and caring. 

For the right real estate sales support from Sean Muxlow’s team, do reach out.